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Directions from GW Bridge

1) Take exit for Palasaides Parkway after the bridge

2) On parkway, take exit # 2 for ALPINE

5) Come to a traffic light and turn left on 9W (South)

6) Immediately thereafter come to a traffic light and turn on Closter Dock Road

7) Stay on Closter Dock Road for about 2.3 miles. You will cross Piermont Road

8) Continue on Closter Dock Road until it forks... Bear left, and follow Demarest Avenue for about 1/4 of a mile [ You will pass over a railroad track and A & P Supermarket on your left ]... Make a right onto DURIE Avenue

9) The Sadhu Vaswani Center is the 2nd building to your right... The address is 494 Durie Avenue.